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Curriculum Vitae

Julie O’Malley ~ Valley Village, CA

The Finder of Impossible Things


Vast experience in entertainment production procedures and all related equipment; including parts, consumables, special effects, LED & moving lights, sound equipment, rigging gear, production supplies, grip equipment, props, custom items. Can facilitate and triangulate a shipment of fog juice to a moving concert tour without breaking a sweat — while simultaneously managing office and janitorial supplies for warehouse & office staff of 200+ people, obtaining obsolete Wybron scroller parts for Disneyland Tech Services, maintaining the Rosco and Lee gel inventory for more than 30 different ongoing productions, and ordering a custom gobo for the Oscar’s green room the day before the event.

· Unique talent for sourcing special order items and obsolete parts
· Manage inventory, stock and reorder levels
· Excellent communication and negotiating skills
· Extremely accurate paperwork and accounting
· Extensive knowledge of and experience with ERP/MRP Software systems and programs including both PC and Mac hardware, fluency in RTPro, all Microsoft Office apps, Norton Utilities, PCAnywhere, Oracle, Fusion, Hubspot, Salesforce, and more.
· Accomplished Musician, Singer and voiceover talent – House Pianist at historic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel 1988-1991
· Executive Producer of 1996 Album “Gas-Mask” by the Sundowners – still in European Rotation
· Credited Producer of “Only In L.A.”, Independent Feature Length Film by NurNur Cummings – 1996
· Mentorship / Interns – Production Resource Group Intern Program 2012-2013

Specialties: Highly experienced in sourcing unconventional items. Constantly seeks ways to minimize expenses.

Named “Finder of Impossible Things” by colleagues and associates.

* Also an excellent bartender


SGPS / Showrig Inc.
Manager of Operations and RTPro Training
September 2021 – Present

Manage rental operations of rigging equipment for the Los Angeles, Boston and Atlanta locations.

Increase overall company revenue by tracking rental periods and apply extensions as needed. Track and bill for loss and damages. Develop policies and procedures to streamline logistics and rental processes, improve communication with clients, maintain accurate and timely billing practices. Training and management of RTPro procedures.

Freelance Purchasing Consultant / Film & TV
April 2021 – Present

Purchasing and/or researching filming gear of all types (equipment, props, parts, scenic, expendables, etc.), negotiate pricing structures, discounts. Advise clients on industry standards, list / cost comparison, sourcing of non-standard items or special orders.

Freelance Video Editor
June 2020 – Present

Editing and enhancing Zoom meetings for public viewing. San Diego ComicCon, BlogtorWho, YouTube.  (Sample link:

VZP Digital
Freelance Transcriptionist
May 2020 – September 2021

Freelance transcribing audio or video files for closed captioning.

Sourcemaker Inc. / North Hollywood, CA
General Manager of Operations
January 2019 – March 2020
Motion Pictures and Film

* Note: This position was terminated in response to COVID-19.

Manage daily Los Angeles operation of film & TV rental house / manufacturing company. Mentor junior team members to define functions and improve overall team performance. Work with team members to increase individual performance and set realistic goals. Determine areas of operational improvement for cost control and initiate changes. Manage industry contacts and coordinate trade shows to maintain knowledge and network. Produce quotes, manage pricing negotiations and billing schedules with high-profile film and TV clients.

· Cost Control
· Inventory Management
· Payroll and AR management

PRG Lighting Los Angeles / San Fernando, CA
Senior Purchasing Manager
December 2003 – November 2018
Broadcasting, Stage, Concert Touring and Film

Responsible for purchasing and procurement of any and all parts, office and janitorial supplies, Capital Expenditures, resale stock, as well as executive travel arrangements. Also managed sales and parts inventory, budgeting of expenses. Additional tasks include scheduling, delivery & accounting of film, television, concert and event lighting, theme park box sales, audio services, trucking and shipping, rental inventory control and management, client services and pricing.

· Client contact and quoting
· Contract Negotiations
· Client Billing and Follow-up
· Inventory tracking and management
· Sales and Account services Coordination
· Logistics and Transportation
· Quality Control Management and Training

Kandoo Films, Inc. / Sherman Oaks, CA
Production Manager – Television Production
June 2003 – November 2003

Responsible for all logistical aspects of documentary-style shoots on five HD-TV series simultaneously. Arranged all camera rentals, domestic and international shipping, executive travel arrangements, domestic and international camera crew hire. Also managed production budgets, all production costs, internet research on subject matter and sporting events worldwide.

Raleigh Film & Television Studios / Hollywood, CA
Senior Rental Coordinator / Manager of Grip & Set Lighting
June 1995 – May 2003

Responsible for scheduling, delivery & accounting of all film equipment used in all productions shot on the Hollywood &/or Manhattan Beach facilities, as well as location shoots and off-lot rentals.

· Inventory & Subrental Tracking of all film related equipment
· Invoicing, Accounts Payable & Receivable as well as general accounting support
· Expendables & Rental Equipment Purchasing
· HITS (Hollywood Inventory Tracking System) Maintenance, Training & Consultation
· Stage Leasing Department support and Scheduling
· RentalPoint system operator and troubleshooting.

Hollywood Rental Company
Rental Office Operations Controller

Responsible for supervision of all equipment rentals from a primary film industry supplier Duties Included: · Preparation of Contracts, Invoices and Purchase Orders including General Accounting Support · Tracking of all subrentals, Inventory Control and bar-coding. · HITS System Training, Troubleshooting, Analysis, and Maintenance

Hollywood Center Studios
Expendables Department Manager

Responsible for resale expendable department for film studio and all production services Duties Included:

· Sourcing and purchasing of resale inventory, management of related purchase orders and invoices
· Preparation of Contracts, Invoices and Purchase Orders
· Direct point of contact for all productions shooting at studio; delivery to stage or location shooting, billing, pricing negotiations.

Interlock Recording Studios Hollywood
Office Administrator / Foley Artist / Sound Effects Technician

Responsible for general office administration, studio scheduling, sound effects library maintenance, tape master library management. Also served as a freelance foley and sound effects artist, recordist.

~ Additional Listings and Salary History available upon request ~ 

REFERENCES: (all contact info available upon request)

Gary Andersen ~ Gaffer, Manager / Warner Brother Set Lighting, / Senior Consultant – Sourcemaker Inc.
Brian Edwards ~ President Business Development Television / PRG Los Angeles
Bobby Allen ~ Vice President, Global Entertainment / PRG Concert Touring
Heidi Dowd ~ VP Of Sales  / L.E Nelson Las Vegas
Jules Eng ~ Technician & Buyer  – Disneyland Anaheim
Hugh Aodh O’Brien ~ Stunt Performer / Second Unit Director / Producer
Johnny Walker ~ Key Gaffer, “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, “Good News”, “One World”